Stop Circling.

Get clear on the results you want.

Then, you will be pointed in the right direction.

What comes to mind when you hear the word, Coach?

Many people envision an angry person on the sidelines of a sports contest, passionately gesturing to get their players to follow the game plan. 

 A much more helpful definition is found in the original meaning of the term ‘coach’ as simply ‘a vehicle that transports someone from where they are to where they want to go’. Successful people in all walks of life have benefited from having a coach at their side. Imagine talking to a good listener who appreciates where you are going and who you are.

Imagine an encourager who believes in you and knows how to draw out of you, your best ideas. Imagine having the undivided attention of a person with whom you can confide, dream big dreams and strategize a plan to reach your life goals. That is a coach.

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Here is what people are saying …

What I have found most helpful is the role coaching plays in helping you develop a plan to make your vision a reality. Your coach helps you think about the things you hadn’t thought about before AND lets you come up with the ideas and inspiration to carry them out. I would recommend the coaching experience to any pastor. 

DAN  | Massachusetts

I stumbled onto coaching one day when talking to Brian about a difficult decision I had to make and I left that first coaching session feeling more hopeful than I’d felt in years. In the space of an hour, I was able to untangle my thoughts and feelings about my problem as well as pinpoint exactly what I wanted and needed to do. I’ve seen more progress in my life using this strategy of help than with any other method I’ve tried. I am so glad I was willing to give coaching a try. It has truly changed my life.

ROGER  | Missouri

Randal was able to walk me through a major professional change, including my education and future business endeavor. He was sure to ask me how aspects of my personal life would affect the timing and outcomes of this change. Randal helped me to clarify goals for the short term and long term, and we identified stakeholders, partners and a communication plan. I am very glad I sought the services of Clear Point Coaching and would recommend anyone making a shift to consult them.  


Anne encouraged me to search out real answers to the challenges I was facing , she asked me questions that helped me drill down to what is most important to me. She was patient and I always ended a session challenged and empowered to do the work necessary for me to succeed in moving forward. When I started the coaching sessions I felt stuck and depleted. When we finished our contracted sessions I had gained confidence and developed tools to help me manage and enjoy life in a much more balanced way.

KIMBERLY  |  Massachusetts

I have utilized Randal Smith as my professional executive coach for more than two years. Randal provides the support and incisive thought partnering that turn conversations into leverage points for powerful action and achievement. Having an executive coach is by far the most valuable investment in professional growth I have ever made. My leadership has risen to new levels of effectiveness as a result of my commitment to working with Randal as my coach.   

JAMES  |  Massachusetts

I know Brian to be an outstanding coach, having been coached by him on numerous occasions.  He is masterful at creating awareness through his coaching presence and has the ability to do deep listening, consistently keeping the ball in the client’s court.     

KAREN  |  Missouri

Anne is very personable and easy to talk with. She has a clear focus to help you attain your goals. She asks great questions to get to thinking about who you are and where you are going. She doesn’t push her perspective of leadership on you but rather encourages you to lead the way you are intended to. Would highly recommend Anne to anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership and move toward attaining personal goals

JONATHAN  |  Rhode Island

I’ve seen more progress in my life using coaching than any other method I have tried.
I am so glad I gave coaching a try. It has changed my life.

RACHEL  |  Massachusetts

Dr. Anne is direct, authentic, passionate, focused and is knowledgeable in her expertise. It was evident in how she engaged with me with genuine concern to help me gain the insight in what I did not think I needed to know about myself in making me better in areas of my life – personal and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to gain understanding of getting better in their life skills.

RENEE  |  Hawaii