Who We Are…

Dr. Randal Smith

Randal is the co-founder and President of Clearpoint Coaching. He brings a wealth of leadership experience to his role as a Lead Coach in The Clearpoint Group. After 35 years of work in religious and non-profits arenas, Randal is now fully devoted to bringing clarity and success to business and professional leaders and the organizations they serve.

Past experiences have ranged from music performances in educational, academic and church settings to construction where his love of projects was lived out in both residential and commercial applications. An accomplished public speaker, Randal has been in front of people his entire adult life. However, it is in the board room or across from a perplexed client that his true gifts emerge. Synergistic and strategic thinking describe his approach to both problems and opportunities whether in a team or individual setting.

Through extensive research and experience, Dr. Smith has developed a system of coaching and consulting related to Leadership Succession. A dedicated website to the topic can be found at www.successionjourney.com. Leadership transitions are fraught with road mines and roadblocks. A business or ministry that acquires the necessary knowledge and establishes a process of succession will save precious time and momentum through careful preparation. Visit successionjouurney.com and learn what a ‘successful’ succession is al about.


Randal is an ACC level coach with the International Coach Federation and received a Doctorate in Professional Leadership and Coaching in 2016. In his capacity as a leadership coach, Randal has worked extensively with a variety of clients and institutions primarily in the areas of vocation, personal development, major project completion and institutional change. Randal coordinates Individual Coaching engagements and Team Coaching for single or multiple institutions.