Who We Are…

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is the Lead Pastor of Evangel Assembly in Wilbraham, MA. Brian planted Evangel in 1996 and has led it from a store-front church to a church running in the mid-400s. He has also led the church through two building programs which has resulted in Evangel having its own multi-million dollar ministry center. Evangel focuses on being “Here to Serve” and reaches out to its community to serve in various ways. Brian has also served as a Presbyter for the Western Massachusetts area of the Southern New England Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God for over twenty years, which has involved working with numerous churches, church boards, church planters and credential holders who all serve the communities in and around Springfield, Massachusetts and the Berkshires.

Brian received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Bible College and a Masters in Religious Education from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is presently working on his dissertation for the Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and Renewal from Regent University, holding a D.Min (ABD).

Brian Tracy is a level 3 (proficient coach) with the Assemblies of God and holds the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with ICF (International Coach Federation). Brian is also a Certified High Performance Pattern Coach with Internal Impact, a Certified Everything DiSC Coach with the John Wiley Corporation, and a Certified Christian Leadership Coach with Coach Approach Ministries. Brian is an approved mentor coach for new coaches and is licensed to teach the Coach Approach Ministries Classes “Building Blocks of Coaching,” “Coaching for Change, Transition and Transformation,” and  “Team Coaching,” which all meet the ICF requirements for a ACSTH (“Approved Coach Specific Training Hours”) program.

Brian is involved in coaching both leaders and their teams to help them accomplish their goals and perform at their best level. He is also involved in the training and mentoring of new leaders and coaches and the creation and maintenance of leadership systems within organizations. Brian has been married for 31 years to Cristie Tracy and has two sons and two grandsons.